Classics Desecrated

Classics Desecrated

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Classics Desecrated

Softcover 64 pp

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8 1/2-in. x 11 1/2-in., B&W. Cover price $8.95.


Cover by Michael T. Gilbert. Modern spoofs of Aesops fables and other folk tales by Doug Wheeler and a host of great artists, some of which previously appeared in Aesop's Desecrated Morals (1993) or various anthologies. Little Miss Muffet; The Skunk; The Elephant and Aphrodite; Goldielocks and the 3 Bears; The Hares and Dr. Kevorkian; The Ant and the Dove; The First Liars; The Crow and the Pitcher; The Lad Who Wished to Meet Fear; Jack & Jill; The North Wind and the Sun; Aesop's Quickies; The Warhorse and the U.S. Postal Employee; The Princess and the Pea; At the Mountains of Looniness (an HP Lovecraft parody); The Story of Chicken Licken; The Grislycock and Juno; The Ants and the Grasshopper; The Assembly of Victimized Animals; The Little Boom-Box Boy; The NRA in Sheep's Clothing; The Departure of Truth; Good King Hop-a'-Long; The Eagle and the Arrow; The Dog and His Bone; The Tell-Tale Heart (a Poe parody); Freezing in Woods on a Snowy Evening; The Organs in Revolt; The Frog and the Snake; 3 Blind Mice; The Ant and the Grasshopper; Aesop and the Farmer; The Horse and the Stag; The Fox and the Swallow; Paul Bunyan: Lunatic Scourge of the Forest, plus a joke biography of Aesop illustrated by Charles Vess.

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