The Origin of the Defiant Universe

The Origin of the Defiant Universe

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The Origin of the Defiant Universe

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When he was at Valiant, Jim Shooter demonstrated the importance of creating a coherent comic book “universe.” Now at the helm of Defiant Comics, Shooter once again weaves this magic. Just as Rai #0 broke with convention by foretelling the future of the Valiant Universe, this 20-page special tells the story of how the Defiant comic universe was formed.

The Origin of the Defiant Universe tells of how our own world had been beset by the Black Plague, and in an attempt to breathe life into our world, War Dancer inadvertently caused the Great Schism. This cataclysm affected the Dreamtime, corrupting, and transforming it into a vast, biological entity known as the Org of Plasm (where the Warriors of Plasm hail from). This special goes further to detail the catastrophe that is brewing as this strange world discovers ours—as well as noting the heroes that have suddenly appeared and which may avert it.

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