Warriors of Plasm: The Collected Edition

Warriors of Plasm: The Collected Edition

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Warriors of Plasm: The Collected Edition

Softcover 148 pp

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Warriors of Plasm was the flagship title of Jim Shooter's Defiant Comics comic book company.

Far from earth is a planet which is also a living organism: the Org of Plasm. The Org must constantly be fed. This is accomplished by conquering new planets. Lorca, the Supreme Acquisitor, leads this mission. Lorca soon sets his sights on Earth.

However, he devises an attempt to overthrow the rulers of Plasm. To do so he genetically modifies five humans. When his rebellion is thwarted, he sends them home. These humans gain superpowers and then set themselves in preparation to attempt to defend the Earth from the oncoming alien invasion from Plasm. The humans do not function well together, suffering leadership conflicts and the desire to regain their normal lives.

This edition collects issues #0-4, and Splatterball

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