Friday the 13th Special

Friday the 13th Special

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Friday the 13th Special

Comic Book 32 pp

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After the events of Freddy vs. Jason, Laura Upland has had it. She's one of two squabbling siblings who have inherited the land Camp Crystal Lake was built on. Their latest stalemate is how to deal with the destruction done at the Crystal Lake Resorts. Laura knows Jason Voorhees caused it. He is out there, and until he's done in, they won't be able to sell those lucrative time-shares. Unknown to her brother Miles, she enacts a plan to kill Jason that will rip her family apart. Literally. Can a paramilitary group, armed to the teeth, survive against a supernaturally unstoppable killing machine? Take a guess! This is bleeding-edge horror as only Lady Death creator Brian Pulido can deliver, with art by Warren Ellis' Strange Killings artist, Mike Wolfer, and color by Greg Waller! In addition to the Regular cover, this issue is also available in Wraparound, Terror, Gore, and Glow-in-the-dark cover editions, all by Mike Wolfer.

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