DC Cybernetic Summer

DC Cybernetic Summer

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DC Cybernetic Summer

Softcover 80 pp

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In this sizzling summertime anthology special, Harley Quinn and Sy Borgman conquer a truly titanic water slide, Cyborg, Superman, and Cyborg Superman find it difficult to have a conversation, much less a fight, and Batman tries everything to escape a summer cookout—even taking on the omnipotent Brother Eye and his newly infectious O.M.A.C.s! And it’s not just the cyborgs hitting the surf! Flashes from across the multiverse gather for a race to claim the fastest flash in the multiverse!," the description continues. "Mercury Flash from Earth-44 is out to win it all this year, the only person standing in his way is… Barry Allen! And Red Tornado’s on a camping trip with his wife Kathy and his daughter Traya, but he’s distracted by Justice League matters! When a threat emerges, will Red Tornado be able to protect his family?

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