101 Other Uses for a Condom

101 Other Uses for a Condom

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101 Other Uses for a Condom

Comic Book 48 pp

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Ever worry about telling your mother why you carry a condom in your wallet or purse? Now you can tell her without embarassment. 101 Other Uses For A Condom is filled with cartoons from dozens of artists ... all trying to outdo themselves (and each other) on a somewhat scandalous subject. Features work by: Hilary Barta, Chris Batista, Barry Blair, Mark Bode, Dave Cooper, Phil Foglio, Paul Frick, James Fry, Jerry Fuchs, Dennis Fujitake, Dave Garcia, Rick Geary, John Gould, Grass Green, Mike Grell, John Hebert, Fred Hembeck, Lea Hernandez, Dave Hoover, Richard Howell, Scott Lobdell, Don Lomax, Jay Lynch, William Messner-Loebs, Gray Morrow, Doug Rice, Frank Thorne, Rurik Tyler, John Workman and many more

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