The Living And The Dead

The Living And The Dead

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The Living And The Dead

Softcover 128 pp

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Afterword by David J. Skal. You are a simple, country doctor in a small village.You have a beautiful wife and a wonderful son -- the perfect life. Only they don't know that in your past, you did a very bad thing! People died because of it, and you were forced to flee and live incognito. Now, in an opportunity to redeem yourself, you unwittingly unleash a brutal and perverse murderer; a deviant sociopath hell-bent on using innocent people in a Grand Guignol of flesh and blood -- a veritable nineteenth-century snuff theater. You alone can end his reign of sick terror...but only at the risk of revealing your secret past and losing everything you love. Only you don't know what's worse -- what you've created or what you have to do to stop him!

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