Vampirella: 25th Anniversary Special

Vampirella: 25th Anniversary Special

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Vampirella: 25th Anniversary Special

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First printing; Frank Frazetta cover. Introduction by Forrest J Ackerman.


“VAMPIRELLA OF DRACULON”: In her home town of Gosi-Bram, Vampirella is taking a shower - in blood. Drakulon's supply of H2O (hemoglobin/oxygen) is running out and the population is dying of thirst. Vampirella hears that an alien spaceship has landed on the outskirts of Gosi-Bram and flies in to investigate. The spaceship is from Earth and the "aliens" panic as they see an incoming bat and shoot at Vampirella. Enraged, Vampirella attacks them and drinks their blood, and then feasts on the rest of the crew who are in suspended animation on board.

“THE BLOOD RED GAME”: Vampirella is trapped by the Blood Red Queen of Hearts, who needs just one more heart, but it has to be freely given. After a week of starvation Vampirella succumbs to the will of the Blood Red Queen, but tricks her into releasing her.

“THE MOVEMENT OF BLOOD”: Vampirella asks Lilith about the history of Vampires. Lilith gives Vampirella a herb that enables her to experience the lives and deaths of vampires in every civilisation on every continent since the first vampire walked the Earth.

“TWO SO DIFFERENT”: Vampirella and Pendragon are trapped by Dracula who wishes to use her as his bride for the mad god Chaos. Dracula explains that he is also from Drakulon.

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