Marvel: The Expanding Universo Wall Chart

Marvel: The Expanding Universo Wall Chart

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Marvel: The Expanding Universo Wall Chart

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Part decorative poster, part insightful history, part reference work, and all interactive fun--draws upon the collective contributions of many of the finest comic book artists of the 20th and 21st centuries to create a pictorial tapestry of more than 300 Marvel Comics characters. At this new and improved size, the wall chart is easier to handle and manage. Both sides of the chart are easier to navigate

Through its atomic design pattern, which reflects the effects of radio activity on the denizens of the Marvel Universe, this chart also demonstrates how the character sets and their stories interconnect and relate to each other.

What’s more, flip the chart over and it reads like a book. There are pages of fun facts and trivia, including listings of different characters who have shared the same name; characters who have changed names or identities over the years; characters who have wed each other; and characters who have seemingly died only to return. There is even a Marvel Universe brain-busting quiz! With an interior that expands to nearly 8 feet to diagram different connections, Marvel: The Expanding Universe Time Chart will not only be cherished for its content, but will also be a visually stunning addition to every comic fan’s collection.

Although the Marvel Universe is ever expanding and constantly adding new faces for old characters, what makes this wall chart unique is that it shows the roots of the many different earth multiverses and the characters that inhabit them

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