Daredevil Shadowland

Daredevil Shadowland

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Daredevil Shadowland

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8 1/2-in.x 11-in., full color. Cover price $125.00


Collects Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil (2009); Daredevil (1998-2011 2nd Series) #501-512; Shadowland (2010 Marvel) #1-5; SHADOWLAND 1-Shots: Elektra (2010), Bullseye (2010), Ghost Rider (2010), Spider-Man (2010), and After the Fall (2010 Marvel); Shadowland: Moon Knight (2010) #1-3; Shadowland: Blood on the Street (2010) #1-4; Shadowland: Daughters of Shadow (2010) #1-3; Thunderbolts (1997-2012 Marvel) #148-149; Shadowland: Power Man (2010) #1-4; and Daredevil: Reborn (2011 Marvel) #1-4. Cover by John Cassaday.

The Man Without Fear casts his shadow over the Marvel Universe! Daredevil has become the leader of the Hand - but instead of reforming the ninja clan, are they corrupting him? As Daredevil crosses a shocking line in battle with Bullseye, and sets up a stronghold in the midst of Hell's Kitchen, his former friends and allies - including Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Elektra and the Daughters of the Dragon - are determined to stop him. But can they save Daredevil's soul as New York City crumbles under the weight of his new order?

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