Civil War: Fantastic Four

Civil War: Fantastic Four

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Civil War: Fantastic Four

Hardcover 536 pp

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Collects Fantastic Four (1998- 3rd Series) #536-543, Black Panther (2005 3rd Series) #18-25, She-Hulk (2005-2009 2nd Series) #8 and Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways TPB (2007) #1-4

It's an old-fashioned family feud when Marvel's CIVIL WAR hits home! Mister Fantastic embraces the Registration Act, but the rest of his team aren't sure he's doing the right thing--and they're not shy about expressing it! And when newlyweds Storm and the Black Panther embark on a world tour to raise anti-registration support, the final battle leaves the Fantastic Four's lineup changed in unexpected ways! Meanwhile, She-Hulk flexes her legal muscles on behalf of the New Warriors--and Marvel's two newest teen teams discover family ties of their own as they clash with each other and the all-new Marvel Boy!

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