Americomics Special: Sentinels of Justice

Americomics Special: Sentinels of Justice

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Americomics Special: Sentinels of Justice

Comic Book 36 pp

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An early publication of AC Comics, an anthology series featuring new characters, revivals from Bill Black's 1970s comics, and ACs stable of revived Golden Age heroes. A real curiosity in comics history: AC briefly revived the Charlton superheroes, as they did with many other abandoned characters from defunct companies. Shortly thereafter, DC bought the rights to the Charlton heroes, integrating them into DC continuity (and inspiring the Watchmen along the way). AC continued these characters under different names, but this is a rare appearance of Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, The Question and Nightshade under their own names, in a comic not by Charlton or DC. Intended as an ongoing series, but legal issues forced a delay before it finally appeared as Sentinels of Justice. Sentinels of Justice

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