Civil War II. Free Comic Book Day 2016

Civil War II. Free Comic Book Day 2016

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Civil War II. Free Comic Book Day 2016

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Marvel peels back the curtain on its can't miss offering for FCBD 2016! The biggest story of the year comes to your local comic shop in FCBD CIVIL WAR II #1, and fans can get their very first taste of the ensuing war this May! Before hero stands against hero, Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Cheung bring you a snapshot of the conflict that will split the Marvel Universe in two!

But that's not all! Beware the sting of the All-New Wasp! FCBD CIVIL WAR II #1 will also feature a special second story from All-New, All-Different Avengers writer Mark Waid and legendary artist Alan Davis. Be there as this mysterious new character makes their big debut! Are they friend or foe? How will their coming impact on the lives of the All-New, All-Different Avengers? The answers may surprise you, True Believer!

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