Infinity Warps: Two-In-One

Infinity Warps: Two-In-One

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Infinity Warps: Two-In-One

Softcover 280 pp

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Collects Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme (2018 Marvel) #1-2, Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer (2018 Marvel) #1-2, Infinity Wars: Arachknight (2018) #1-2, Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex (2018) #1-2, Infinity Wars: Ghost Panther (2018 Marvel) #1-2, and Infinity Warps (2018 Marvel) Infinity Wars #1-2

Requiem has used the Infinity Stones to cut the universe's population in half — but not by killing anyone. As reality itself warps, Earth's heroes find themselves…merged together! Stephen Rogers couldn't serve his country in World War II — until a sorcerous government program transformed him into the Soldier Supreme! Stark Odinson, kidnapped by Ice Giants and forced to make weapons, turned their forges against them and became Iron Hammer! A sinister deal turned Wakandan prince T'Challa into the Ghost Panther! Plus: More uncanny twists on your favorite Marvel heroes! The Arachknight! Weapon Hex! The Terrific Two! Green Widow! Moon Squirrel and Tippysaur! Diamond Patch! Kamala Kang! And the Punisher Pack!

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  • 978-1-302-91470-7
  • 9781302914707-52999

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