Aphrodite IX # 1 - Free Comic Book Day 2013

Aphrodite IX # 1 - Free Comic Book Day 2013

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Aphrodite IX # 1 - Free Comic Book Day 2013

Comic Book 32 pp

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Aphrodite IX #1 will be part of FCBD history as the “free first issue will be the actual 1st issue of the new ongoing series with the 2nd issue shipping in June.

Top Cow’s fan favorite green haired heroine finally gets her own ongoing title.

Waking up in the distant future, Aphrodite finds herself in a vastly changed world where the air isn’t breathable and she doesn’t recognize the various factions vying for supremacy. Navigating her own fragmented mind while attempting to re-integrate into society proves difficult when she is identified as a notoriously brutal assassin…but has no memory of ever killing anyone.

Writer Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) has scoured the futurist blogs and books to create a plausible but fantastic world with painter Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade, Artifacts) who promise to deliver a science fiction epic unlike anything ever witnessed before!


The first issue of Top Cow's new Aphrodite IX series will launch on Free Comic Book Day, giving new readers a chance to jump on board the Matt Hawkins/Stjepan Sejic series for free next weekend. After May's first, free issue, the series will continue on a monthly schedule, with issue #2 in stores on June 12.

In a dystopian future populated by warring factions of the genetically modified and the cybernetically enhanced, Aphrodite IX awakes to world where the sky is scorched, humanity as it was known is gone and two disparate groups fight for survival and dominance of the very scarce resources left on what's left of Earth.

"Aphrodite IX has always been my favorite character at Top Cow,” said Hawkins. "She's interesting visually, combined with a personality that's sort of out of control of her own experiences and lost in the tangled web of her own mind. Combining my love of real futuristic tech and genetics with Stjepan Sejic's insane visuals we're hoping the readers enjoy the ride."

Aphrodite IX was originally created by David Wohl and David Finch in the best-selling graphic novel published in 1996, which is being offered again as part of the relaunch in a limited edition Aphrodite Reloaded hardcover edition this summer. The hardcover features updates to the script by Wohl.

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