4. A Universe X Special

4. A Universe X Special

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4. A Universe X Special

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Written by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross. Art by Brent Eric Anderson. Cover by Alex Ross. The spotlight shines on the fabulous Fantastic Four in this spin-off chapter of UNIVERSE X! THE STORY: Galactus, the Thing (Ben Grimm), Namor the Sub Mariner, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Watcher, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Him (Adam Warlock), Alicia, Agatha Harkness, Dr. Strange, Commander Arcturus Rann, the Brothers Grimm, X-51 and a host of heroes and villains lost in the realm of the dead star in this all-new adventure! According to UNIVERSE X architect Alex Ross, "This special is our way of giving something back to Reed Richards after all the pain we've caused him." Echoing him, co-writer Jim Krueger added, "Our goal was to create the ultimate Fantastic Four story. To draw upon their history and do something with these characters that was completely new and yet that also beckoned back to the team's heritage. It's sort of the Tale of Two Worlds: the past and the future."

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