100 masters of Bishojo painting

100 masters of Bishojo painting

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100 masters of Bishojo painting

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7.5 x 0.7 x 10.1 inches. English & Japanese.


Those phenomenally popular Japanese anime girls big-eyed beauties with winsome expressions and impossibly flexible bodies are called bishojo, Japanese for beautiful girls. In this eye-popping new book from BNN, you ll find 500 versions of the bishojo gals digitally illustrated by 100 Japanese masters. The cover

is designed by one of the genre's most celebrated artists, Range Murata, and featured artists include professional illustrators who create covers for the young adult genre called light novel in Japan and who design characters for games and animations, as well as stand-out amateur artists who show their works on pixiv

(the best-known user-generated illustration website in Japan) or in doujinshi (independently published comics). This eminently useful book also includes information to serve as a directory to these talented Japanese artists and the

production environment they specialize in. Using a password and ID in the book, readers can download very cool desktop wallpapers.

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