Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga

Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga

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Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga


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"Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga" goes beyond the scope of 1995's "Spider-Man: Clone Genesis" (released as a tie-in to the 1990s Clone Saga) to include material from "Amazing Spider-Man" nos. 139-150, "Giant-Size Spider-Man" no. 5, and "Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man" nos. 25-31, 149, 162-163, and annual no. 8. The stories were written by Gerry Conway, Archie Goodwin, Len Wein, and Bill Mantlon with art by Ross Andru, Gil Kane, Jim Mooney, Frank Miller, Mark Bagley, and Sal Buscema.

This story begins with Spider-Man facing various foes as a gauntlet set up by the Jackal (Peter's college professor, Miles Warren), who wants to wear Spider-Man down before killing him in revenge for Gwen Stacy's death. He uses a clone of Gwen Stacy to further throw Spider-Man off his game. Spidey manages to fend off the Jackal, only to be confronted with his a clone of himself, who nobly sacrifices himself to save Peter and an innocent bystander. The Gwen Stacy clone then goes on her way. Some time later, a supervillain calling himself Carrion attacks Peter, revealing himself to be a clone of Professor Warren. Peter defeats the clone while suffering greatly, at one point temporarily losing his sight in a battle against the Maggia. Later stories ret-con the clone story to suggest that Warren never cloned anybody, but instead re-wrote existing individual's DNA and gave them memory implants, leading to the creation of a new Carrion.

This volume collects enough stories to tell a coherent narrative and includes brief summaries to fill in gaps where necessary as the original Clone Saga was composed of about three different story lines that built upon each other without prior planning. It does provide necessary background for those looking to read the 1990s Clone Saga, though it has a more limited scope. There are also interesting links to other stories at the time and several references are now dated (such as when the "clone" of Gwen Stacy doesn't recognize President Ford on the television). That said, this is a good volume for fans of Spider-Man who want to know more about this narrative as it's become relevant with the recent Clone Conspiracy storyline.

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