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Limited Signed Edition hardcover w/ Slipcase edition of Richard Corben's Werewolf is signed by Richard Corben on the front illustrated title page (full color of a werewolf) and is limited and numbered out of 200.

There is also an unsigned version.

11.25" x 8.75"


Collects: Creepy (1964) Issues #56 & 58, Grim Wit (1972) Issue #1, Heavy Metal (1977) Issues #38 & 83, & Weirdom Comix (1971) Issue #14.

Internationally acclaimed artist and illustrator Richard Corben has been bringing his dark and viscerally brilliant vision to comics, graphic novels, and other art forms for more than four decades. And now, legend meets legend, as Corben turns his masterful hand and gut-wrenching signature style to this bloodcurdling collection of tales devoted to the monster that walks like a man, howls like a hellhound, and hungers for the hunt... the werewolf!

Features an introduction by Gaetano Liberatore along with all the awesome artwork by Richard Corben.

Contents Include:

1. Dead Hill Richard Corben Page 6

A traveler passes by Dead Hill, where they used to hang werewolves and were witches. A girl is hanging to wait her death, when traveler comes. She pleads her innocence and traveler decides to help her.

Black & White.

Reprinted from Weirdom Comix (1971) #14.

2. The Beast of Wolfton Richard Corben Page 12

A warrior with beautiful (but frigid) wife approaches Wolfton to slay the beast. Man is a cousin of village's baron. While troops are searching, the beast kidnaps warrior's beautiful wife. Wolfton used to be Wolv and it was populated by Krinds, till Stygorans slay not so numbered Krinds and took they place (and renamed it as Wolfton). The beast of Wolfton used to be a son of chief of last Krinds. As a last survivor of them, through certain ceremony, he become an instrument of Drogim, the moon avenger. The curse of Drogim could be expelled only through the willing love of a beautiful girl.

Full Color.

Reprinted from Grim Wit (1972) #1.

3. The Spirit of the Beast Richard Corben Page 37

Jon Wolv, a son of Lady Chabita (or originally Lady Ellen), rescues peasant girl. For full moon Jon asks girl to jail him to avoid werewolf massacre. Girl is happy to help, but needs help later at night by herself.

Full Color.

Reprinted from Heavy Metal (1977) #38.

4. Roda and the Wolf Richard Corben Page 45

Group of primitive men wants to sacrifice a naked girl victim for their good. Werewolf appears on a ritual site. Red headed victim escapes, but hunter run after her. Figure in black cloak points to voluptuous girl sheltering cottage. Girl enters, but finds inside old Big Bad Wolf hag. Old woman has eye on girl, but hunters enter inside the cabin just in time.

Full Color.

Reprinted from Heavy Metal (1977) #83.

5. Lycanklutz Richard Corben Page 53

To kill a wolfman professor proposes to baron a silver-fanged fleas. As a guinea pig baron ties up professor to bring fleas to wolfman.

Full Color.

Reprinted from Creepy (1964) #56.

6. Change... into something comfortable Doug Moench & Richard Corben

Page 61

On a Halloween a lonely werewolf is escaping from Grimstone's Freak Show. He wants to be free from authorities and he hunts and kills in a moonlit night, till he finds his own party.

Full Color.

Reprinted from Creepy (1964) #58.

7. Fur Trade John Pocsik & Richard Corben Page 69

Winter is cruel, even for wolfs, and they starts to hunt for (wo)men. Village is in fear; revender asks help of mysterious high house owner, who knows skin changing lore. Priest wants to try lore to hunt down the leader of wolfs. Fur trader is of course under the hunt.

Full Color.

Reprinted from Den 3 (1989) #5 and Heavy Metal (1999) #178.

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