Mutant World

Mutant World

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Mutant World

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Limited Signed Edition Hardcover with slipcase of Richard Corben & Jan Strnad's Mutant World is signed on the front title page with a black & white illustration of the title and is personally autographed by Richard Corben. The signed title page states that it is numbered out of 100.

There is also an unsigned version.

11.25" x 8.75"


From a shattered, post-apocalyptic, new world comes a most sympathetic survivor: a mightily-muscled but intellectually challenged goof named “Dimento”…

In the glowing rubble of civilization, starvation is everywhere and almost everything left alive wants to eat everything else, but when Dimento attacks a beautiful woman’s horse, she talks him out of his planned meal and stirs other longings in his simplistic, child-like heart. In gratitude for his forbearance, the buxom Julie directs him to stash of giant eggs, but en route he encounters mean old mutant bullies Zug, Dimlit and Weasel who waylay him and steal his meal. It’s a theft one of the deformed bandits doesn’t live to regret…

The bound and gagged Dimento is still not safe however and is soon grabbed by yet another mutant predator and dragged off to be consumed. The child-like colossus is then saved by a warrior-priest who bears an uncanny resemblance to the hapless half-wit. Taken under the priest’s wing, Dimento becomes his beast of burden as Father Dove leaves the city for the trackless deserts that surround it. When sudden death comes for the violence-obsessed cleric the once-again solitary simpleton heads back to the destroyed cityscape he knows best…

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