Stephen King's N.

Stephen King's N.

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Stephen King's N.

Hardcover, 112 pages

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N. has a secret. It is a secret kept out in the open, in Ackerman's Field, so all eyes can see it. Though none should. Seven stones rise from the ground. Or is it eight? Your eyes say seven. The photograph says eight. Which is the liar? Or do they both tell the truth? This merits further scrutiny. Yes, more investigation. You'll want to know how many stones there really are in Ackerman's Field. It will grate on you that your eyes seem to deceive you, so you'll want to puzzle it through. Don't do it. N. has told you not to do it. But you will, anyway. And then you will know what N. knows. And it will follow you all the way home, in every dream and every waking moment. Until there's only one thing left to do...

One of the stories included in Stephen King's 2006 collection Just After Sunset, N. immediately impresses as one of the most uniquely constructed tale of the author's remarkable career. Writer Marc Guggenheim (Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man) adapts the nuances of King's innovative tale to graphic storytelling, and Alex Maleev (Spider-Woman, Daredevil) proves again what an inspired master of comic art can do with material like this. The result is a sublime blend of horror, suspense and top-notch storytelling in the Marvel style.

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