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Keith Helt's nine year old zine, FLOTATION DEVICE, isn't usually a comic; it's ordinarily the home for Helt's autobiographical nonfiction prose, accompanied by photos and collages. For its eleventh issue, though, Helt did something a little different. He enlisted the aid of several of mini-comics' finest to illustrate a series of brief anecdotes, all written by Helt, about how he got into zines in the first place -- an "origin" story for FLOTATION DEVICE, if you will. And with a roster of artists including John Porcellino (KING CAT), Gabrielle Bell (the BOOK OF series), Jeffrey Brown (CLUMSY), Allison Cole (NEVER ENDING SUMMER, Kevin Huizenga (OR ELSE), Dylan Horrocks (HICKSVILLE), Anders Nilsen (DOGS AND WATER), Ryoko Oguchi (BAKA-GETA), and Onsmith (BAKA-GETA, BOMBTIME FOR BONZO) -- among others -- what could possibly go wrong?

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