JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant

JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant

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JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant

Comic Book 80 pp

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A cover by future JLA art team Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary (THE AUTHORITY) tops a collection of exciting, brand-new adventures of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes! Len Kaminski and Ariel Olivetti stretch their credibility on a mind-bending Plastic Man yarn! Terrance Griep and Val Semeiks reveal the mystery behind a wild wolf on the dark side of the moon! Dwayne McDuffie and Gordon Purcell present Steel and Aquaman on their first team-up adventure together! Greg Weisman and Pat Broderick bring you Captain Atom and the rest of Justice League battling the gargoyles of Notre Dame! Jim Alexander and Cam Smith spin a magical tale pitting the Silver Age JLA against a lethal leprechaun! Newcomers Todd Seavey and Bachan spin a parable that finds Batman, Superman and Green Lantern as Earth's only hope against an alien religious sect's attempt to convert mankind. And Chuck Kim and Eric Battle teach kids to behave in a bizarre mini-epic starring Batman, Superman, the Joker and... Doomsday?

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