Zatanna by Paul Dini

Zatanna by Paul Dini

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Zatanna by Paul Dini

Softcover 432 pp

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Collects Zatanna #1-16, Zatanna: Everyday Magic #1 and stories from the DC Infinite Halloween Special #1 and the DC Universe Rebirth Holiday Special #1.

The enchanting Zatanna Zatara has the hottest stage act in Las Vegas. And unlike the parlor tricks peddled by other would-be Houdinis around town, Zatanna’s magic is no illusion. It’s real. The dazzling Mistress of Magic can warp reality with just a few backwards words.

But the supernatural is powerful…and in the wrong hands, it’s deadly. So when mystical menaces start causing trouble, Zee steps in to stop them—from the evil sorcerer Brother Night to possessed puppets to nightmare demons. But things get complicated fast when the foe is the ghost of someone she loves!

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  • 978-1-401-26882-4

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