Realworlds - Wonder Woman

Realworlds - Wonder Woman

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Realworlds - Wonder Woman

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The role of a lifetime In 1948, an actress starring in a series of garish movie serials about the comic-book character Wonder Woman gets the chance to inspire a nation rapidly being consumed by anti-Communist paranoia. Will she rise above the limitations of her scripted role, or is the Amazon Princess just another part after all? That's the story at the heart of REALWORLDS: WONDER WOMAN, the second Prestige one-shot to explore what the iconic characters of the DC Universe can mean to people in a world without super-heroes. Written by Glen Hanson and Alan Neuwirth, with stylish art by Salgood Sam and eye-catching colors by the legendary Bernie Mireault, REALWORLDS: WONDER WOMAN takes place at a time when the American dream was not all it was cracked up to be. Actress Brenda Kelly is Wonder least in the weekly movie serials of Hollywood's Golden Age. But as postwar America turns away from the threat of the Axis powers and declares a Cold War on a new enemy ? Communism ? Brenda soon finds both herself and the character she plays being used by Red-baiting politicians to further their own political careers while destroying the lives of innocent people. Among those accused of having Communist loyalties is Brenda's screenwriter boyfriend, whose career has effectively been ended by the policy Brenda ? and Wonder Woman ? have helped to promote. Can even the so-called Wonder Woman save the man she loves? This project is supported with house and trade ads

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