Jimmy Olsen (2011)

Jimmy Olsen (2011)

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Jimmy Olsen (2011)

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This Jimmy Olsen story started as a co-feature in Action Comics, but when the decision was made to revert all DC's ongoing series to 36 page issues, that left the last three parts of this story in limbo. So this issue was created as a place to publish the rest of the story; also reprinting the first four parts.

This story is the first in-continuity appearance of the character Chloe Sullivan, who was first introduced in the Smallville TV show in 2001.


Jimmy Olsen's Big Week

After looking back at a time he became a genie to defeat the Great Djinni, Jimmy plays the Superman video game while being dumped by Chloe Sullivan. His friends try to cheer him up by taking him to a club, but they get bumped from their table by Sebastien Mallory, who is accompanied by Chloe (who is doing a story on him). Jimmy and Sebastien try to one-up each other, but Jimmy brags he will stop an alien invasion, which just started as they were talking.

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