Lobo's Greatest Hits

Lobo's Greatest Hits

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Lobo's Greatest Hits

Softcover 176 pp

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Feared and loathed throughout the universe, Lobo is a spacefaring sadist who enjoys starting fights, chasing women, and destroying property. He is an expert tracker who is virtually indestructible and absolutely insane. A bounty hunter by trade, Lobo gets his kicks by defeating and decimating the worst criminals in the galaxy. In LOBO'S GREATEST HITS, the Main Man spreads his murderous mayhem around as he takes on Mister Miracle, the Justice League, and the Man of Steel himself, Superman. A textbook of dark humor, this volume is sure to delight fans of vicious comedy and graphic violence.

Framing the stories is a sequence written by Robert Loren Fleming, with art by a host of DC's finest: Erik Larsen, Kevin O'Neill, Bart Sears, Mark Pennington, Ty Templeton, Barry Kitson, Val Semeiks, Keith Giffen, Matt Wagner, Kevin Maguire, José Marzán, Jr., Trevor Von Eeden, Tim Truman, Mark Bright, Kieron Dwyer, Javier Saltares, Tom Mandrake, Richard Case, Dan Jurgens, Dick Giordano, Jim Fern, Paris Cullins, Robert Campanella, Norm Breyfogle, Chris Sprouse, and Al Gordon.

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