The New Avengers Vol. 1 (2005-2010)

The New Avengers Vol. 1 (2005-2010)

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The New Avengers Vol. 1 (2005-2010)

Hardcover 1208 pp

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Collects Avengers (1997 3rd Series) #500-503, Avengers Finale (2005) #1, New Avengers (2005 1st Series) #1-31, New Avengers (2005 1st Series) Annual #1, New Avengers America Supports You (2005 US DD Giveaway) #1, Giant Size Spider-Woman (2005) #1, Civil War The Confession (2007) #1, Civil War Initiative (2007) #1 and New Avengers Most Wanted Files (2005) #1.

The first half of Brian Michael Bendis' radical Avengers revamp is collected in one massive volume! When the Avengers are disassembled by an insane Scarlet Witch, a new and decidedly different team rises to take their place - including Spider-Man, Wolverine and Luke Cage! These New Avengers face down a prison break, the secrets of the Sentry, the menace of the multi-powered Collective and more - and even find time to celebrate the marriage of one of their own. But when a terrible tragedy kicks off a superhuman Civil War, will the newly created team be irrevocably shattered?

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