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In 1979 and 1971, if you were writing, drawing, or reading comic books, the GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW series by Denny O'Neil and artist Neal Adams was a wonderful wake-up call. It brilliantly and entertainingly raised your expectations and expanded your notions of what could be accomplished with mainstream, commercial comics. At the time, this was credited to "revelance". Today, over 40 years later, the material is still strong, still has the power to grip and involve. Party this is because some of the many issues raised are still relevant, but mostly it is because O'Neil's writing and Adams's drawing set standards in characterization and drama that are still being applied and embellished upon.

With the aid of veteran editor Julius Schwartz and the participation of some of the best inking talent available, they took archetypes and gave them a degree of humanity never before achieved. The roots of much that is exciting and appealing in today's comics began here. No question this is material that has both historical and collectable value; the real news is it's still a damn good read.

- Archie Goodwin

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ha valorado4 07/06/2018

Dibujazos de Neal Adams y guiones que hay que poner en su contexto temporal, pero que siguen teniendo mucha fuerza. ¿Que más se puede pedir? Una leyenda del tebeo de superhéroes.

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