Superman Y2K

Superman Y2K

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Superman Y2K

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While a new Gotham City rises from the ashes of "No Man's Land," the city Superman calls home also is reinvented just in time for the year 2000 in SUPERMAN Y2K, an 80-page one- shot that changes the look and feel of Metropolis with dramatic repercussions for the future of all the Superman monthly titles. Written by Joe Kelly (ACTION COMICS, Deadpool) with pencils by Butch Guice (RESURRECTION MAN, LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE) and inks by Guice on present-day scenes and Kevin Conrad (Kiss: Psycho Circus) on flashback sequences, SUPERMAN Y2K begins simply enough with Ma and Pa Kent wanting to spend New Year's Eve with Clark and Lois. By the end, the Earth goes black at the stroke of midnight, and it's up to Superman, Green Lantern, the Martian Manhunter, and other members of the JLA racing to save the world from destruction. And when the lights come up, Metropolis is not the same city it was just minutes earlier. At the heart of it is Lex Luthor ? whose role throughout Metropolis's history is revealed in shocking detail ? and Brainiac 2.5, who have ushered a futuristic evil into the modern world, an evil neither villain can control. Now the mechanized lifeforms of the DCU are also under this strange menace's control, and to re-enter Metropolis, Superman will have to go through THE TITANS' Cyborg, YOUNG JUSTICE's Red Tornado, the JSA's Hourman, the Metal Men, and more!

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