Heroes For Hope Starring The X-Men (1985)

Heroes For Hope Starring The X-Men (1985)

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Heroes For Hope Starring The X-Men (1985)

Comic Book 48 pp

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Cover Art by Arthur Adams Back Cover by Jim Starlin

Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men One-Shot (1985) is a comic book designed to raise awareness about hunger in Africa. Proceeds from the comic went to the American Friends Service Committee, to assist in their work on behalf of African famine relief and recovery.

Published in the form of a "comic jam," or exquisite corpse, the book featured an all-star lineup of comics creators as well as a few notable authors from outside the comic book industry, such as Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison, and Edward Bryant. It also saw a rare Alan Moore Marvel Comics credit (outside of his early Marvel UK work).

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