Frank Frazetta: Rough Work

Frank Frazetta: Rough Work

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Frank Frazetta: Rough Work

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Frank Frazetta has excelled in a wide variety of artistic formats, from fine art to paperback covers, comic books to record albums. His atmospheric worlds of sinewy superheroes, seductive sirens, and vivid monsters are wonderfully detailed, fully realized, and unmistakably his. This book gives fans an intimate glimpse of Frazetta's creative process by showcasing not only black-and-white and full-color drawings from his sketchbooks, but concept art as well, showing the artist's raw imagination and problem-solving skills. Printed on deluxe art paper and featuring personal and previously unpublished material, these “rough works” offer a fascinating look at how a modern master creates.

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  • 978-1-599-29013-3

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