100 Bullets - The Deluxe Edition #1

100 Bullets - The Deluxe Edition #1

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100 Bullets - The Deluxe Edition

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The first of five oversized, hardcover collections of the Eisner Award-winning 100 BULLETS collects issues #1-19 of the crime series!In the opening chapters, Dizzy Cordova, a Latina gangbanger who has just finished a prison sentence, is given the chance to avenge her family's murders, and a downtrodden bartender receives the opportunity to exact revenge against the woman who ruined his life. Then, as Agent Graves continues to approach and manipulate his "clients," questions about the ghoulish agent start to arise as people from his past begin to appear, revealing interesting information about their former acquaintance. And in this volume's third arc, Graves pulls a young man by the name of Loop Hughes into his web of intrigue and deception. Armed with one of Graves's briefcases, Loop tracks down his long-lost father and is soon drawn into the world of mob enforcement.

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