Batman Arkham #7

Batman Arkham #7

Mister Freeze

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Batman Arkham

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248 pages

An expert in the field of cryogenics, Victor Fries led a relatively normal existence. He worked diligently and married a woman named Nora who then became terminally ill. To stop her degenerative disease from taking her life, Victor put her into suspended animation.

But a horrible lab accident transformed the former Dr. Fries into an ice-colored monstrosity incapable of surviving above freezing temperatures. To counteract this, Victor constructed a special, ultra-durable suit to keep his body alive. He embraced his new persona and became Mr. Freeze.

Mr. Freeze is on a constant quest to bring back his beloved Nora, and he'll do whatever it takes to succeed. He wields a freeze gun and uses ice and cold to wreak havoc--mostly in Gotham and against Batman.

Collects BATMAN #121, 308, 375 and 525, Detective Comics (1937-2011 1st Series) #373 and 595, Batman: Mr. Freeze (1997), Batman: Gotham Knights (2000) #59, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989-2007) #190-191 and Batman (2011-2016 2nd Series) Annual #1. Written by Dave Wood, Len Wein, Doug Moench, Gardner Fox, Jeff O'Hare, Paul Dini, Robbie Morrison, J. Torres, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Art by Sheldon Moldoff, John Calnan, Don Newton, Kelley Jones, Chic Stone, Roderick Delgado, Mark Buckingham, Charlie Adlard, David Lopez, Jason Fabok, Charles Paris, Dick Giordano, Alfredo Alcala, John Beatty, Sid Greene, Jerry Acerno, Wayne Faucher and Fernando Blanco. Cover by Brian Stelfreeze. Mr. Freeze stars in this new collection that features some of his most brutal skirmishes with Batman!

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