Harvey Hits #4

Harvey Hits #4

Little Dot's Uncles

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Little Dot's Uncles issue. "Meet My Uncle Alp in Mountain Adventure"; Clumsy Uncle Alp takes Dot "mountain climbing"--up an apartment building; Dot is frightened but goes along; They go down a building under construction, but Alp gets tangled around a beam; Dot "saves" him. "Meet My Uncle Speedy in First Prize"; Little Dot is a "crazy woman driver" with her soap box racer; She bumps into Uncle Speedy on his way to the Midget Car Races; As she presses the starter for him, the car zooms into the race. "Meet My Uncle Buck in Jungle Fun"; Dot steps out her door, is snared in a noose, and meets Uncle Buck, the big game hunter; Off to Africa on an animal-catching safari!; Uncle Buck is hapless, but Dot catches monkeys with candy bars, ties a knot in a lion's tail, spooks a baby elephant with a rubber mouse, even catches giant African red ants with a picnic! "The Big Race"; Richie helps Johnny build a soap box racer so he can win a college scholarship; Richie is sure he'll win; But Mister Rich presents Richie with a slick racer for the same race!

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