Fast Forward #2

Fast Forward #2


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Fast Forward

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ack cover is a montage of small pictures from all of the other stories in the issue. "Lester Fenton and the Walking Dead." 11 pages. Story and art by Kyle Baker. Lesters father returns from the dead because the Devil is tired of teenagers having a good time. So Lesters father leads all of the recent dead in town to lovers lane. Good thing Lester brought his flamethrower! Too bad he didnt get them all though, as they keep turning up throughout his life. "Brothers & Sisters." 9 pages. Story by Bob Rozakis. Art by Stephen Destefano. The trials and tribulations of family life in a tenement are examined. "Hostage." 10 pages. Story and art by Dean Motter. The captivity of Terry Anderson in Lebanon is dramatized. Anderson is a cousin of creator Motter. "The Last Wish Baby." 9 pages. Story and art by Douglas Michael. A baby is born without a heart. After an extensive search and much public sympathy, it appears it may all have been a hoax. This throws the entire country into chaos. "Stockman." 13 pages. Story by Mark Williams. Art by Brian Stelfreeze. A cattle rancher loses perspective and begins to treat his step-family like livestock. A move that may cost a life. "Sister From Around the Way." 9 pages. Story by John Figueroa. Art by Kirk Etienne. Two films are being made in a slum area. One low budget, one high. But some things are the same all over

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