Iron Man Vol. 3 (1998-2004) #11

Iron Man Vol. 3 (1998-2004) #11

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Iron Man Vol. 3 (1998-2004)

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Stark dreams of getting mobbed by his villains, until Rhodey wakes him up as their helicopter approaches Stark's new Lake Washington estate on Evergreen Island. As he enters his new home in his hover-chair he's greeted by Happy and Pepper who give him a tour. They meet with Dr. Jane Foster-Kincaid in the medical center where she informs him he's healing slower than he should. Meanwhile at Baintronics Inc., Sunset is informed that Stark's schedule is too full to fit her in, so she calls Stuart Clarke to arrange a hole in Stark's schedule. In Seattle, Carol Danvers meets with Theresa Burke to talk about Carol's new book, but Carol becomes enraged when she sees Tony Stark outside. After she confronts him about her being kicked off the Avengers, Stark proceeds to the police station to identify a body for Det. Plexico; Tony is shocked to see it is Whitney Frost, as he identified another corpse as her over a year earlier (IM #245, '89). They're interrupted when Rhodey calls Stark to tell him War Machine is attacking Astrodyne, Stark suits up as Iron Man despite his injuries. As War Machine stuns him, Warbird arrives, but War Machine threatens to kill Iron Man if she doesn't back off.

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