Elseworlds: Batman #3

Elseworlds: Batman #3

Volume Three

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Elseworlds: Batman

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Some of DC's most popular titles from the 1990s were published under the Elseworlds banner, which recast DC's heroes in strange settings, with reimagined histories. Now, for the first time, DC collects the Elseworlds tales starring Batman! Stories include:

BATMAN: BROTHERHOOD OF THE BAT: 50 years into the future, Batman is dead, and the planet is within the grip of a plague set off by Ra's al Ghul, who uses Bruce Wayne's rejected costume designs to create a league of costumed assassins. Standing in his way? His daughter Tallent...son of Batman!

BATMAN: SCAR OF THE BAT: In 1920s prohibition Chicago, a masked avenger helps Eliot Ness take down one of the most dangerous gangsters ever, Al Capone.

BATMAN: DARK KNIGHT DYNASTY: A centuries-old feud between the Wayne family and the immortal Vandal Savage begins with Bruce Wayne's ancestor Sir Joshua of Wainwright and ends in the 25th century!

BATMAN: MANBAT: When animal rights activist Marilyn Munro stumbles upon a lair of bizarre, bat-like creatures, she finds herself in a world of madness. And that world is about to receive another visitor: Batman, on the trail of a dangerous genetic compound.

Featuring creators such as Jamie Delano (HELLBLAZER), Max Allan Collins (ROAD TO PERDITION), Mike W. Barr (GREEN ARROW), Gary Frank (BATMAN: EARTH ONE) and more, BATMAN: ELSEWORLDS VOL. 3 is here!

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  • 978-1-401-26596-0
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has rated38/21/2018

En este recopilatorio tenemos varias historias de lo más variopintas. En Brotherhood of the Bat tenemos a un posible hijo de Batman luchando contra Ra's Al Ghul; es muy noventera. Luego tenemos Scar of the Bat, en la que Eliott Ness es Batman; quizás es para mí la más entretenida y la ambientación y diseños de los años de la ley seca no están mal. Continua con Masque, en la que Two-Face es algo así como "el fantasma de la ópera"; esta es un poco más filosófica y se supone gráficamente es la mejor. Finalmente, tenemos a Bruce de Waynemoor como caballero de la mesa redonda, originalmente una historia en dos números de 48 páginas, que sin ser nada del otro mundo, también resulta bastante entretenida aunque los diseños de los personajes no me acaba de convencer.

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