A1 (1989-1992) #2

A1 (1989-1992) #2

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A1 (1989-1992)

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Flipbook cover by John Bolton and Dave McKean. Edited by Garry Leach and Dave Elliott.

Atomeka's giant-sized anthology series brought together a Whos Who of British comics talent. This issue includes a Mr. X jam story with art by the likes of Charles Vess, Dave Gibbons, Paul Chadwick, Michael Kaluta and Mike Mignola. Also, samples of the Fortean Times illustrated by Hunt Emerson, and a Bojeffries Saga story by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse. Big Death; King Paint; Mr. X: Windows; Sex with Ginda Bojeffries; This Really Happened!; A Death on the Beach; A Long Time Dead; Sperm Warfare; Elephants Graveyard; Empty Chairs; The Absolutely, Positively Coolest Mr. Monster Story Ever; Firework Night; Jeepster; Cowboys and Indians; Men and Hats; Kyrn; Obsessional; Comics Are Really Grate!; Fortean Times; The Talk of Creatures; About Hermes, Between You And Me

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