Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009; 2011) #41

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009; 2011) #41

The Letter

Lo tengo

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009; 2011)

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During Geldoff’s dangerous display of his powers, the police arrive to break up the madness. Peter and co. quickly escape through the backyard and travel quickly away from the scene.

At a nearby bus stop, the group discusses the recent happenings. They learn that Geldoff is a foreign exchange student from a nearby school who just recently started showing off his talent for making things explode. Peter and Mary Jane start making progress in their relationship again as they are able to talk without things becoming so awkward. With a great amount of effort, Mary Jane gives Peter a letter that she tells him only to read once he gets home.

At Aunt May’s house, Peter reads the letter, which exclaims Mary Jane’s love for Peter. Completely thrilled by this notion, Peter travels to Mary Jane’s house to rekindle their relationship. In a moment of passion, Peter and Mary Jane embrace for a long awaiting kiss.

The next day at Midtown High, Peter and Mary Jane (together once again) hear news of Geldoff’s fiery antics occurring once again in the neighboring school. With Mary Jane’s encouragement, Peter puts on a half-made Spider-Man suit and quickly travels to the nearby school.

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