X-Men Vol. 5 (2019) #1

X-Men Vol. 5 (2019) #1

X-Men by Jonathan Hickman

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X-Men Vol. 5 (2019)

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Collects X-Men (2019 Marvel) #1-6.

The X-Men face a whole new world of possibility!

Mastermind Jonathan Hickman and superstar artist Leinil Francis Yu kick off this uncanny new era with a celebration of family as Cyclops, Marvel Girl and their extended clan make a Summer House for themselves - on the moon! But when an island full of unspeakable horrors appears on the horizon, the X-Men have their work cut out for them keeping their new homeland of Krakoa safe! As Earth comes to terms with the X-Men's new world order, the mutant nation's leaders attend an economic forum to show the humans what real power looks like.

Plus: A trip to the Savage Land, an old nemesis returns and Mystique goes to extraordinary lengths to get what she wants!

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