Dead@17: Rough Cut #1

Dead@17: Rough Cut #1

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Dead@17: Rough Cut

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Dealing with the devil is tricky. Getting what you want out of the deal is even harder. It's a lesson learned all too well by Abraham Pitch who has made the ultimate sacrifice in hopes of affecting the universe. Fans of Josh Howard's world will bear witness to the fall of one man into the depths of Hell itself. The truth of the villainous severed head is revealed at last. You don't want to miss it!

Dead Air

When an ambitious news reporter becomes a sidebar in the biggest story to hit Darlington Hills in years, she must struggle to stay alive while locked in the back of a production van. Will she survive and who is the mysterious man that comes to her aid?

Fight to Live

As Protectorate Agent Noel Raddemer awaits the resurrection of Nara, his partner Agent Jake Sullivan is ambushed on the city's outskirts by a horde of zombies. Jake is a tough old man - and this is his last fight.Life @ 1616 yr old Nara Kilday had the perfect life; two loving parents, a loyal best friend, and a bright future. But all that changed the day Nara began to see a darker side to herself and the world.

Simon's Night

Simon Foss killed his sister’s best friend, Nara Kilday. But, what motivated Simon to murder a seventeen-year-old girl he had known all of his life? Simon’s Night acts as a prologue to the original DEAD@17 Mini-Series, examining the provocation for this heinous crime. What could push a normal man to such extraordinary depths of depravity? In this handsomely illustrated tale, we will find out what convinced Simon to kill Nara!

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