[New Life+] Young Again in Another World #2

[New Life+] Young Again in Another World #2

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[New Life+] Young Again in Another World

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Renya had a problem. It wasn't the fact that he learned how to use magecraft; that was actually pretty awesome. The problem was that his mana pool proved to be abysmally small, and he could barely squeeze out a few orbs of light before running out of mana. So he decided to diligently practice the only spell he knew in the hopes that his mana pool would gradually improve. At the same time, he decided that some physical training was in order, and set out to train in the conveniently large stretch of nothingness north of town. It was there that he ran into a rather strange character, who proposed a trade — item for item — to which he eventually agreed. When Renya returned to town, he found that Shion had accepted a mission in his absence. Renya's Party had their first job, and it was a big one: raid and destroy the newly-discovered dungeon near town, a cooperative effort between multiple parties. But being a party of newcomers, Renya's troupe was not well-received by some of their peers. Renya could not be bothered to ease the tension either, and the meeting ended with a pact of mutual non-cooperation. Nevertheless, a mission was a mission, and they would see it through. With animosity thick in the air, the parties headed off. Would they survive their dungeon raid? And before that, would they survive each other?

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