Harvey Hits #3

Harvey Hits #3

Richie Rich

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1st full Richie Rich issue. "A Fool Of Water; Richie, Freckles and Peewee are enjoying a day in Richie's pool, when Reggie drops by unannounced; He proceeds to play pranks on Richie and his friends and generally spoiling everyone else's fun; Fed up, Richie entices Reggie to play another prank which backfires on Reggie. "A Thief's Grief (reprinted from Little Dot #11); With the Riches' new house guard home sick and his parents out, Riche takes it upon himself to keep a robber busy while his friend gets the police. "Hearty Appetite starring Lotta. "The Sandman text story. "Stevie and his Girl Friends text story. "Something Fishy (reprinted from Little Dot #8); Richie enjoys a day out fishing with his pals until Reggie horns in on the fun; As usual, Reggie makes everyone miserable with his pranks, until Richie turns one of the pranks back on Reggie

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