Legion Lost #1

Legion Lost #1

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Legion Lost

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Collecting the present-day LEGION LOST series!

Stranded in the 21st century, can this cadre of LEGIONNAIRES adjust to a different world?

Collects LEGION LOST #1-7!

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They are The Legion --- a collective of heroes from the 31st century --- and they have traveled back in time to the present day to stop a global terrorist named Alastor, who is hell-bent on unleashing a deadly pathogen.

Wildfire, Timber Wolf, Tellus, Dawnstar and Tyroc --- all longtime Legionnaires --- are joined by Gates and Chameleon Girl on this mission, as they are trapped in the past, cut off from their loved ones, friends and teammates. Tampering with events too much may rick altering their own future, yet they must put an end to Alastor's trickery. Much to their dismay, they are forced to get by with what seems to them maddeningly primitive technology. How can they possibly defeat the evil bioterrorist, not to mention the Hypersapiens --- humans who have been infected by the Hypertaxis pathogen?

Brought to you by the combined talents of FABIEN NICIEZA (X-Men), PETE WOODS (ACTION COMICS) and TOM DEFALCO (Spider-Man), LEGION LOST: RUN FROM TOMORROW collects issues 1-7 and is a breathtaking tale that takes The Legion to new heights!

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