Superboy Vol. 4 #64

Superboy Vol. 4 #64

Hyper-Tension: Part 5 - Zero Tolerance!

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Superboy Vol. 4

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Continued from 63... Black Zero banishes the many Doomsdays to a dead Hyperzone. And moves ahead with plans to invade Superboy's world. Superboy and the Challengers try to free the statis-podded alt-Superboys. Black Zero freezes them with TK - and accidentally triggers their signal watch. Clark-Superboy breaks free of his pod, as does the entire Legion of Superboys! While they battle, Prof Haley appeals to Metron's cold logic. Why not, for a change, stop Black Zero from invading and see what happens? The Superboys battle Black Zero to a standstill by combining TK, until SVAZKOOM! the alt-Superboys vanish, sent home by Metron. Black Zero is pinned by a Mother Box. Time to go home. Prof Haley wants to fly in a vehicle THROUGH Hypertime. Ace will pilot. Superboy brings Black Zero to rehabilitate. The Challengers' ship plunges into the Hyperium Reactor, "into the unknown!" Sailing the hyperstorm, Black Zero blows out a hatch. Attacking, Red and June are swept out. Superboy rescues June but loses Red. Holding the ship together with TK and guts, the heroes vanish into a bright white light... While back at Cadmus, the word goes out: we need a replacement Superboy. Continued…

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