Justice League of America (2013-2014) #6

Justice League of America (2013-2014) #6

"Trinity War Chapter Two"

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Justice League of America (2013-2014)

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For centuries, The Question has been seeking answers to questions. Foremost in his mind is the question of who he really is. He believes that if, one day, he answers enough questions, the answer to that question will be given to him. Until then, though, he is the man without a face. For now, though, he must answer a different question: "Who is the evil behind the evil?"

Meanwhile, in Kahndaq, the Justice League of America stands in disbelief having just watched as Superman killed Dr. Light, their newest member. Hurriedly, Steve Trevor warns that the need to neutralize the rest of the Justice League, then deal with Superman. Unfortunately, neither side is particularly enamoured with the idea of fighting the other, but they are compelled to do so, whether in self-defence or in service of their country. As the battle becomes more heated, Superman himself struggles to keep his eyes shut to prevent further bursts of uncontrollable heat-vision, begging everyone to stop fighting and just lock him up. Finally, everyone stands around him silently, until Trevor decides that it's time to bring Superman in.

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