Action Comics Vol. 1 (1938-2011; 2016-) #884

Action Comics Vol. 1 (1938-2011; 2016-) #884

Lois Lane: Traitor!

Lo tengo

Action Comics Vol. 1 (1938-2011; 2016-)

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Dr. Hoshi and Thara watch as Dr. Pillings tries to treat Chris' rapid aging. After Dr. Hoshi leaves, he ups the level of the tests, causing massive pain to Chris, and stressing Thara. After an hour, the Dr. has some results, but needs more time, but the power drain might be attracting the authorities. He ups the power, hurting Chris more. Thara has had enough, and transforms into the real Flamebird, setting fire to the Dr. But she is surprised when he not only survives, but responds in Kryptonese. While recognizing him as Jax-Ur, she realizes she has to trust him to help Chris. Jax-Ur does something to her, but says she won't remember any of this. After Thara returns to normal, the experiments are done, and a few more hours pass. Dr. Pillings invites Dr. Light to rejoin them, and provide the light power to restore Chris to his normal adult age. But he will need a device on his arm to prevent more burst aging. Meanwhile, Lois gets called into Perry's office, and he tells her that the story she's been working on has leaked out, and she's being accused of collaboration and treason. As they talk, they see agents arriving to arrest Lois. She runs, and with help from Steve Lombard, manages to grab her laptop and flee, making it to the stairway. But they catch up to her there and taser her. Later, she is interrogated by her father, who makes his position very clear by shooting her laptop, but then has her released. Back in Perry's office, they discuss the story. Perry can't print it, but encourages her to take other actions to pursue it, so she quits.

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