Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 7 (2011-2013) #1

Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 7 (2011-2013) #1

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Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 7 (2011-2013)

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Collecting the DC COMICS-- THE NEW 52 series! After the worst disaster in Legion history, the LEGION ACADEMY must help the team rebuild-- while a threat of almost unstoppable power is rising at the edge of DOMINATOR space! Collects the new LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1-7!

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In the 31st century, the Legion of Super-Heroes is just starting to pick up the pieces from their new annihilation, and students of the illustrious Academy are being called up to aid rebuilding. But a new daunting enemy threatens their efforts --- a Daxamite with the unstoppable power of the legendary Superman has gone rogue and seeks to start a revolt against the blockade that keeps his race bound to their homeworld. It's up to fellow Daxamite Mon-El, and the rest of the newly re-formed Legion heroes, to ensure that he doesn't unleash an army capable of bringing down the entire United Planets!

As part of the smash hit "New 52" line, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES: HOSTILE WORLD features a broad and spectacular array of heroes. Classic LEGION scribe PAUL LEVITZ weaves together new heroes and old, while artist FRANCIS PORTELA (Black Panther) masterfully brings to life the 31st century and one of comics' most beloved cast of characters- This collection also features a chapter drawn by legend WALTER SIMONSON (WONDER WOMAN), showing an hour-per-page day in the life of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Collects LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1-7.

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