Harvey Hits #2

Harvey Hits #2

Rags Rabbit

Lo tengo

Harvey Hits

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A showcase anthology that launched many of Harvey's long-running titles. This issue features funny-animal antics with Rags Rabbit and pals. Pesty and Jesty ask Rags to judge their snowman-building contest, but he didn't count on a snowball attack. A salesman keeps interrupting Rags's nap. Shaggy gets fired from his dishwasher job at a fancy restaurant, but ends up eating there all the same. Rags Rabbit with Pesty and Jesty; Ice Scream; Sun Daze; Pesty and Jesty: Arty Antics, No Sale, Yard Birds; Rags Rabbit Tells a Fish Story; Dizzy Beaver; Shaggy: Dollar Daze

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